Cartoons Thursday!

Plus music from Warren Zevon, Al Green and a good Lorde.

Our weekly feature. I’ll be doing something soon on Rolling Stone’s newly re-shuffled critics’ list of “Best 500” songs but here, below, the surprise #30, “Royals,” by Lorde (live below), which even topped the former top-rated “Satisfaction” by one spot. You be the judge….And down below two great songs that did not make the cut. Share and/or subscribe, it’s still free!



Song Picks

Two “live” wires: Warren Zevon sends “The Envoy” (in real life, Philip Habib) while Al Green finds “Love and Happiness.”

Greg Mitchell is the author of a dozen books, including the bestseller The Tunnels (on escapes under the Berlin Wall), the current The Beginning or the End (on MGM’s wild atomic bomb movie), and The Campaign of the Century (on Upton Sinclair’s left-wing race for governor of California), which was recently picked by the Wall St. Journal as one of five greatest books ever about an election. For nearly all of the 1970s he was the #2 editor at the legendary Crawdaddy. Later he served as longtime editor of Editor & Publisher magazine. He recently co-produced a film about Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and now has written and directed his first feature, Atomic Cover-up, which will have its American premiere at a festival this spring.