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Songs, Cartoons and an Historic 'Silent Night'

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'Catch-22' at 62

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New Beatles, But Old Questions About Media Coverage of Middle East Conflict

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Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and The Cuban Missile Crisis

Springsteen Gets A Building in His Name Today

Nuclear Lessons for Today: The Early Days of Cuban Missile Crisis

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Updated: Florida Man Arrested for Murder of Chilean Folk Singer Victor Jara

What's Up? Docs....

You Asked Greg 'Anything'--Now a Few Replies

Ask Greg Anything: A New, Maybe One-and-Done, Feature...

A Vegas Notion: U2 Celebrates "Atomic City"

Cartoons Friday!

The Last Song of Chilean Folk Singer Victor Jara

Scorsese's Remarkable Tribute to Robbie Robertson

Dylan Performs Surprise Set at Farm Aid

Lou Reed's Missing Essay (Which I Edited)

The Gruesome Death of Gram Parsons, 50 Years On

The First UAW Strikes, in 1930s, Changed Everything

Hank Williams Turns 100: Long Gone, and Lonesome Blues

For Jann Wenner: Rock 'n Roll Women

When 29 Escaped in Tunnel Under Berlin Wall

A Profile in Music: Phil Ochs

As Talking Heads (Briefly) Re-Unite: My Early Encounter

24 Hours of Music at Mohonk

Unreleased Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell Emerge Today

Everybody Must Get Stones

When Chicago Police Killed Ten Pro-Labor Activists--and Film Cover-up that Followed

On Labor Day (or Any Day): You Can Watch My "Massacre" Film

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When Peter Fechter Was Left to Die at the Berlin Wall

New Joni Mitchell 'Archives' Release

When Robbie Took Out His Winchester

Ten Key Songs by Robbie Robertson, Gone at Age 80

Celebrating the Music of 1973

Cartoons Tuesday!

A Mini-Sinead Tribute

Cartoons Tuesday!

Tony, Joni, and Ike

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Bonus: My New 'Oppenheimer, From Hiroshima to Hollywood' Blog

Lucinda Williams: A Profile in Music

The "Oppenheimer" Countdown Begins

Profiles in Music: The First Two Years

For July 4: Will Rogers & Woody Guthrie, Two Great Americans

Way Too Blue: Nick Drake

Oppenheimer in Hollywood: My Book on the Misguided First "Atomic Bomb Movie"

Remembering Dan Ellsberg: Beyond the Pentagon Papers

Joni Returns With 3-Hour Concert

On Tour With...Beethoven

When Ayn Rand Defended the Memorial Day Massacre

My Hero, Studs Terkel, in New Book and Film

18 Dylan Covers for Bob's Birthday

'My Uncle Was Shot in the Massacre'

Cartoons Tuesday

Songs for Mother's Day

Exclusive Excerpt from My New Book

Live Joni at Newport 2022 Album Coming

New 'Oppenheimer' Trailer Arrives, Fears Remain

Now You Can Watch PBS 'Massacre' Film, and Order Book, Here

PBS Film Premieres Tonight

"Catching" Up With Joseph Heller

The Best of Gordon Lightfoot, R.I.P.

My First Rock Festivals

Cartoons Sunday

Springsteen and Obama in Barcelona!

New 'Massacre' Book and PBS Film

Dylan, Sam, Joni and My Old Hometown

Natalie Merchant With 'Courage' in Return

Lucinda Williams: Memoir and Album On the Way

Rolling Over for Beethoven

Dylan's Shadowy Soundtrack & Film Coming Soon

Gram Theft Parsons

Join me on Notes

On the Road With Springsteen (50 Years Ago)

Sam's the Man for Easter

Before Seymour Stein: My Day With the Talking Heads

Cartoons Tuesday--Special Trump Arrested Edition

New (and Old) Leonard Cohen Tributes

My Origin Story, NYC, 1971: #1 With a Bullet

Procol's Keith Reid, One of A Kind, Dies

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Songs of the Day, from Clark and Carla

Upcoming from Jason Isbell & Natalie Merchant

New Dylan Flick, Timothee Not Leery

When David Bowie Beat Paul Anka

She Did 'My Way' Her Way

Ludwig's "Spring" Plus Cartoons Tuesday!

Bob Dylan Re-Visited

A 'NY Times' flub on U2's 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'

I'm Back, With New Film!

Song of the Day: When Dylan Mixed Up the Medicine

Townes Van Zandt, for the Sake of a Song (and His Birthday)

Song of the Day: "Paint It Black"

Patsy Cline, Gone 60 Years Ago Today

David Lindley, "Maxi-Instrumentalist," Passes Away at 78

Song of the Day: I've Got "I've Got You, Babe"

Hall of Famer Joe Ely (and Friends)

Song of the Day: Get 'Numb'

Cartoons Tuesday!

My Wedding Tape, 40 Years On

Johnny Cash Duets, For His Birthday

The Return of Iris DeMent

Fifty Years On: A Musical Salute to 1973!

Song of the Day: "This Land Is Your Land"

Song of the Day: "She Moved Through the Fair"

Song of the Day: A Little "Runaway"

Song of the Day: "California Stars"

Song of the Day: Let's Drink to the "Salt of the Earth"

Song of the Day: Marvin Gaye's National Anthems--Yes, Plural

Song of the Day: "God Only Knows"

Dylan Nails "Norwegian Wood"?

The Return of Natalie Merchant

Song of the Day: "L-O-L-A, Lola"

The Byrd Who Flew Alone

Flying Saucers Rock 'n Roll, As More UFOs Shot Down

Song of the Day: Super Bowl Goin' to 'Kansas City,' Here It Comes?

Burt Bacharach: The 'Other' Classics

Song of the Day: A Pop Masterpiece

Heath Ledger Was 'Obsessed' With... Nick Drake

Song of the Day: 'Take Me to the River'

Grammy Winning Songs You May Have Missed

Joni Mitchell on Beethoven Inspiring Her to 'Carry On'

Lucinda Gets Americana Tribute

Album of the Week: 'The Genius of Ray Charles'

Warren Zevon: Hall of Famer?

The Day Buddy (but not his music) Died

Song of the Day: Strong "Money" Maker

Song of the Day: "Long, Long Time"

Song of the Day: "Baby, Don't You Do It"

Song of the Day: "Inner City Blues"

Song of the Day: Bonnie Rates a Grammy

Song of the Day: "St. James Infirmary"

Song of the Day: 'Yvette'

Song of the Day: Flying 'Eight Miles High'

Song of the Day: The Mighty "Mississippi"

Album of the Week: Ann Peebles

Song of the Day: "Who by Fire"

David Crosby: We'll Remember His Name

Song of the Day: "Love for Sale"

Song of the Day: And Its Name is G-L-O-R-I-A

Song of the Day: 'The Last of Us' Meets Hank Williams

Songs of the Day for MLK

Song of the Day: Sunday Morning in the Church of Cohen

Song of the Day: Longhair Music

Song of the Day: It Will (Probably) Make You 'Feel a Whole Lot Better'

Jeff Beck, R.I.P.

Song of the Day: Callahan and O'Donovan

Song of the Day: Smokey Gets In Your...Ears

Song of the Day: Plus Ten Best Movies!

Song of the Day: David Bowie, Berlin "Hero"

Songs of the Day: As McCarthy Gets the Gavel

Song of the Day: From Annie Briggs to Robert Plant

Happy Anniversary, Bruce!

Song of the Day: Fools on the Hill, with Zevon and the Heads

Cartoons Tuesday!

Songs of the Day: A Selection of "Greatest" Vocalists

Profile in Music: Townes Van Zandt